Wednesday, March 9, 2011


past assignments....

I'm not sure why some people laughed at my in-sequence
when they showed it at the lecture...
maybe because I watched it too much while working on the drawings

anyway here's my chameleon =)

layout (textures)
I don't think he allows digital rendering but I took a chance anyway
1st piece: realistic rendering
2nd piece: opposite rendering
3rd piece: stylistic rendering

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

oh chicken....

theme: Emotional Places
description: RUN AWAY CHICKEN!!!!!
media: goauche on arches water colour paper

Friday, March 4, 2011

Coming soon~~

lol Neilizza Silva and I thought of making a poster for our own 24 film marathon thing XD
I'm doing solo film ^^

I'm half-way done...gonna edit sound effects and stuff tomorrow =P
It's gonna be my first time making a film in flash (only learned how to use twice or three times)

so yeah check it out next Friday at Sheridan movie night ^^
I don't think everything will be in colour but we'll see =)

Had a great time laughing at each other's film-in-progress with Derek Fong Kai Tik, Neilizza Silva and Andy Greiling


excuse my bad quality scanned version =.=
I need to learn how to draw drapery and folds D:
I used to complain that I hate using pencils but then I was wrong this time :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Look! I can draw women too XD

let's just say I don't really like to draw women and boobs =.=

I hate drawing of her feet =.=
these are based from my imagination and
memories from life drawing classes :)

Something unrelated

just want to post something that is not homework related :)
done on 8.5x11'' paper and pencils
but the scanner killed the artwork =.=

then again I had to complain that I hate slow and laggy photoshop =.=
someday when I'm rich I will get an awesome gaming laptop
with better graphics and stuff.....sigh......

some day :(