Thursday, April 30, 2009

The New Me


Jenny took this picture with her new iPhone
I realized people noticed me more with this new look
credit to Joan C for cutting and highlighted my hair
If you realized ever since I came to Canada
I don't really have pimples anymore ~ smooth skin
and I do look fairer lol >.O

no time to write busy busy as a bee >.<

Friday, April 24, 2009


Awesomeness and Coolness!
(not fake!)

came to Richmond Hill Pentecostal Church (
to rap and worship the Lord here tonight!

It was so awesome ~ the music, the testimonies,
the preaching and all the coolness there, graffiti and
Laura, the youth pastor, a guest speaker
preached about being a 'Contagious Christians' that we should;
  1. be a good example ~ good testimony to others when people see Jesus in us
  2. be relevant ~ be the culture like rap or talk about music and stuff or stuff to reach out to people especially in school, we have to hang out with all types of group ~ gangsters, emo, etc but does not have to smoke like them but hang out with them and tell them about Jesus....and we have to use our talents to give God the glory people will know Jesus through our gifts
  3. have fellowship with Holy Spirit ~ be silent and alone with God or when we read the Bible and pray, then God will touch us, talk to us and our hearts and help us to be BOLD
the whole group was like crazy cool guys
who love to skateboarding while preaching
to people about Jesus (shown on video)

In the end we came out for prayer and all of us were touched by God
it's been a long time since I've left church in Malaysia and not serving ever since
because I felt insecure about which church to go to
but now I have no doubt that God has a purpose for me to be in this church
and I told Pastor Jonathan (youth pastor of RHPC) that I will serve in this church

I really praise God for everything ^__^


so far life is good, my family have to work harder
to clean up stuff and to cook (I failed at this!)
at home without mum around....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sad News

Mum went back to Malaysia
cause my grandpa passed away from neumonia
and suffer greatly without his family on his side
when he died TT__TT
My uncle was on his way to Malaysia but it was too late
Mum will be back on May 9th after all it is done
including attending the funeral and stuff


Sunday, April 5, 2009


YES! I've accepted the offer for Centennial College in Toronto...
it's 4 semester/14 months diploma program for Digital Animation.
I can't wait to experience and know more about this field.
I'm gonna be an animator so watch out for me! haha....

I'm gonna prove to them that I can still be successful
even though I'm not in prestigious colleges! *fists on the air*

I guess I will never stay out of town on my own sigh...

and yay! more pictures taken on April 3rd!

Esther Kuan(from Malaysia too!) and me

me and Kimberly (from Malaysia too!) ~ the future doctor~~

lol XD

me and Elena (Romanian ~~ another future doctor)
why all the smart people @__@ ahaahah XD

me and Vicki (very I mean very artistic girl)
man I wish my art is as geng as hers >.<


Mr.T and me! haha XD
lol is he trying to staple me? @__@

I will upload more pictures later ^__^
gosh I really need to cut my hair
it's getting annoying >.<

Friday, April 3, 2009


OMG cute bumble-bee birthday drawing gift for me!
This is from
Thank you ^^

more and more birthday drawings for me! XD
This is from *rairy
thank you guys <3>

Another birthday gift from *depinz

I'm ma mushroomy!

A birthday gift from my buddy, :icontaziko: Taziko
yes my birthday is today! (April 3rd)

and thank you guys for all the birthday wishes
despite different 12-hours timing...

Love ya! :heart:

*I will edit more pictures from my camera later*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting excited!!

Anime North art contest 2009
well I don't expect to win but join for fun
This is Momiji, a Japanese school girl character
yeah it's kinda's my cg style

YEs! My birthday is coming soon and I simply get so excited over it *dances around*
I have good news to share that the literacy test was easy even though we get extra time or so
and deadline for my I.S.P journal research of an English novel is changed to MONDAY!! yes I can finally have more time to finish reading my book! yippee!!

haha let us celebrate!! XD