Monday, September 29, 2008


feeling bad mood right now..
I felt like my life is fading away...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do you know...

my jellyfish blows bubble gum too? kawaii!
Do you know..
> I'm 19 but people thought I'm 14 (I looked younger! *smiles*)
> My school lunch break is 1 hour++
> I cycle through and fro to school everyday
> I have my own locker
> I received perfect marks for my prototype tech design project
> I'm in field hockey team now
> I've earned my frist 2 dollar!! (still poor..but thanks to my chubby!)
> There are no stray cats and dogs here but wild squirrels
> I downloaded SAI painter! yahoo!
> Most people here chew gum in class
> Most people brought their mp3/ipod to listen in class (when there are no lessons!)

will update more later...

Till then,

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tagged >w<

Tagged by Felicia..

RULE :Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits /things / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be
tagged and list their names.No TAG backs!

[These things are not weird if you know me well.. =P]
1. I've always laugh to myself ~ my sisters will be my witness
2. I've always draw guy more than girls
3. I love long-haired bishounen and shounen manga (search in internet if you dunno..)

4. I don't like to wear skirts or girly stuff
I like to listen to Christian/Gospel music and I do enjoy anime OCs and certain japanese songs
6. I love chocolates! choco bread, choco cookies, choco bunnies, etc ( you name it!)
7. I'm a random artist..I will draw/sketch/design randomly when I feel like it and depends on my mood
8. I played drums in my old church..I missed those moments *sob*
9. I like sports! (especially basketball! and others)
10. I like to procrastinate....last-minute work! bad bad...
11. I don't buy presents for friends but I 'make' (draw) presents for them! [it's the thought that counts]
12. Sometimes I do cute funny voices ~ oh mummy!!!
13. I like to explain EVERYTHING even unnecessary stuff! (kinda annoying)
14. Best act ~ blur... *huh?*
15. I LIKE TO BE MYSELF! (hey! not weird =P )

lazy to tag but I will...

Till then,

This whole thing sucks

I don't usually say the word "sucks" unless I suck juice using a straw. Anyway yesterday is bad day for me and it was my bad...

I was in the field hockey team and the home game was yesterday against another school. I've prepare everything; shoes, socks, shin guards, and mouth guard but the only thing which I forgot to bring is the permission form and proof of address where I live. So that means I can't play *sigh* I was sitting down on the field watching others to play while cheering for them. Most of us are new in this team so we have no experience and of course in the end we lose by 4:0. We didn't really practice and train before that. It's just a game but the real tournament is next Thursday and it's a double game. *sigh*

Other than that, my Challenge and Change in Society's powerpoint presentation turned out to be a disaster! I was so nervous as others with their partner explained and presented well. I just want it to end early. As it was my turn, I've realized the font has changed (I didn't realize my teacher's computer does not have nice fonts) and to move on to other page, the laptop hanged and laggy. We have to start all over again. In the end, we have to leave the powerpoint without the slideshow. It's sucks as I've spend all my time for the presentation and then it doesn't work. *sigh*

This whole thing sucks......
I've regretted what I've said, sorry

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fly away....

fly away and escape to a place of freedom

Saturday, September 20, 2008


nah I was bored...
I want to punch YOU!

Friday, September 19, 2008

---->[ NOW ]<-----

Time to update this journal! hehe..

So what's up guys! How are you doing? How's Malaysia especially? anyway for me now I'm doing great, feeling cold sometimes and every time I 'feel' the sun or the sun blaze at me (when I'm on the field) I was like "Woah how I love the sun so much" and people would like thought I'm crazy. Everyday I have to wear jacket to school and yeah at least it does warm me up.

Okay lets talk about sports. I don't take gym classes cause it's really full but I do join for the basketball tryouts as I've mentioned earlier and it turned out to be disaster where my stamina is not good as it used to be and so in the end, I did not make it in the team. It was okay and then I went to tryout for field hockey and guess what I'M IN!!! Actually I just want join for the sake of experience and that's all! The tournament is next Thursday and yeah we're going to practice this Tuesday and Wednesday

Well basically school system here is different from Malaysia as in homework and assignment, the teachers do award few marks for them including quizzes, projects and presentations! In ESL class, we watched movies. Things will be harder by then. In school, I do met with new friends who kinda reminded me of friends back when I'm in Malaysia; - I saw Terri-look-alike, JunHoe-look-alike, Angeline-look-alike, etc. BTW most people here looked mature but they are actually 14 -15 years old and unlike me they thought I'm 14-15 years old but I'm not =P....oh well I will take that as a compliment =)

My dad finally got a part-time seasonal job and yeah it's kinda of low paying job so please continue to pray for him to get a better pay and better job next time ~ thank you!

Here is my updated timetable for this year;

1st Semester:
  • Challenge and change in society (social science course)
  • Technological design (architecture/product design)
  • ESL (English as second language)
  • Visual Arts ~ <3
2nd Semester:
  • Instrumental Guitar ~ probably will change it to visual arts (grade11)
  • Mathematics for College Technology
  • Communications Technology - Cartooning and Animation
  • English (College)
Basically I'm going to graduate this year. I do have to buy student card/identification card just to show you're a student here, signing out library materials, join clubs and teams, and writing EXAMS! I finally get my own locker but it was at the 2nd floor which it does not help me anything because most of my classes are in the 1st floor~ lol!

Till then,

Monday, September 15, 2008


Friendship gift
I've gave some to my new friends here
[painted during summer holiday]

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cutey! >.<

took a picture with a cute girl!

Alright we went to the same Visual Arts (Grade 9) course
and I realized she is very good in drawing cute chibi stuff
unfortunately she doesn't know what is anime

anyway she is too cute! >.<

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I went to basketball tryout today and feeling really exausted after the training.
My skill and stamina has been terribly rusty and I need more practice! >.<

Till then,

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Fall season~feeling cold nowadays

Finally my timetable changed for the 1st semester and here is it;

1st semester
  • Challenge and change in society ~ interesting!
  • Technological design
  • ESL
  • Visual Arts (Grade 9) ~ I'm too old to be in that class!
Basically I'm quite satisfied with the subjects so far but these two new subjects requires lab fees and that means I HAVE TO PAY! oh well here it goes >.<

My aunt and uncle came last Saturday and discuss of our education and told us IF it's possible I don't have to go through high school (cause I've already graduated!) and just go to college and blah blah blah. So right now I'm confused about it and I really wanted to take animation course (digital arts and animation) or whatever related to it.

Sigh God help me~

Friday, September 5, 2008


HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to Joan C!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

To my chubby~


They had a party last Sunday and it was awesome! I had a lot of fun
Her dad never told us that it was her early birthday party and
we are so unprepared (except for the eating part!)

However I was aware that her birthday is on 4th and I made an early birthday
gift for her! (signed by my whole family at the back of it!)
Basically I meet some kids and they are cool. We played some games
and lots of fun! =D

One big family!
and yeah they are CBC (Canadian born Chinese)
oh yeah! her sister, Grace is above her in the picture =D

Our gift for her!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So this what you called high school

a big LOL

I was back home earlier cause I have no lessons after lunch break
and to tell you guys the truth of my high school
(unless you've been here!)

After I've reached school, me and my siblings went to the entrance and to my excitement, everyone started to crowd that area and shouting and hugging each other like they never seen them forever (only summer break~duh!) Anyway this school consists of Grade 9-12 students and I bet I'm the oldest one there (even though they allowed students up to 21 years old). To tell the truth this school has more Asians (Korean, Chinese from China/Hong Kong/etc). I'm getting used to Canadian accent but not fluent enough! BTW let me tell you my timetable (subjects which I'm forced to take) and high school here is like COLLEGE!

1st Semester
  • Challenge and change in Society (History) ~ my homeroom teacher, Mr. Tran
  • Living and working with children! (what!?@#!) ~ I'm seriously need to change this!
  • ESL (English as second language) ~ lol you thought I was from China who does not know English! shoosh!
  • I have spare lesson here -will insert-
2nd Semester
  • Instrumental music ~ Guitar
  • English
  • Art and design elements ~ that's what I like it!
  • Mathematics - Functions
I think the most silliest class would be living and working with children cause we actually need to make a fake baby stuffed with flour bag and cottons and require to carry it for 7 days all the time! (like a real baby where you don't abandon your child). Thank God she did not buy the pregnancy apron for our course work! lol I don't want to carry it all the time looking like an idiot! It sounded interesting but who knows at the end of the day I'll learn something. Oh my doll baby~

Another thing, my homeroom has only 3 lockers to share with 31 students! lol! I want my own locker! I'll definitely blame the grade 9 students who signed in (too many!) shoosh! >.<>.<

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bye-bye SMKSS!

Say hello to Bayview S.S!