Friday, September 19, 2008

---->[ NOW ]<-----

Time to update this journal! hehe..

So what's up guys! How are you doing? How's Malaysia especially? anyway for me now I'm doing great, feeling cold sometimes and every time I 'feel' the sun or the sun blaze at me (when I'm on the field) I was like "Woah how I love the sun so much" and people would like thought I'm crazy. Everyday I have to wear jacket to school and yeah at least it does warm me up.

Okay lets talk about sports. I don't take gym classes cause it's really full but I do join for the basketball tryouts as I've mentioned earlier and it turned out to be disaster where my stamina is not good as it used to be and so in the end, I did not make it in the team. It was okay and then I went to tryout for field hockey and guess what I'M IN!!! Actually I just want join for the sake of experience and that's all! The tournament is next Thursday and yeah we're going to practice this Tuesday and Wednesday

Well basically school system here is different from Malaysia as in homework and assignment, the teachers do award few marks for them including quizzes, projects and presentations! In ESL class, we watched movies. Things will be harder by then. In school, I do met with new friends who kinda reminded me of friends back when I'm in Malaysia; - I saw Terri-look-alike, JunHoe-look-alike, Angeline-look-alike, etc. BTW most people here looked mature but they are actually 14 -15 years old and unlike me they thought I'm 14-15 years old but I'm not =P....oh well I will take that as a compliment =)

My dad finally got a part-time seasonal job and yeah it's kinda of low paying job so please continue to pray for him to get a better pay and better job next time ~ thank you!

Here is my updated timetable for this year;

1st Semester:
  • Challenge and change in society (social science course)
  • Technological design (architecture/product design)
  • ESL (English as second language)
  • Visual Arts ~ <3
2nd Semester:
  • Instrumental Guitar ~ probably will change it to visual arts (grade11)
  • Mathematics for College Technology
  • Communications Technology - Cartooning and Animation
  • English (College)
Basically I'm going to graduate this year. I do have to buy student card/identification card just to show you're a student here, signing out library materials, join clubs and teams, and writing EXAMS! I finally get my own locker but it was at the 2nd floor which it does not help me anything because most of my classes are in the 1st floor~ lol!

Till then,