Sunday, September 7, 2008


Fall season~feeling cold nowadays

Finally my timetable changed for the 1st semester and here is it;

1st semester
  • Challenge and change in society ~ interesting!
  • Technological design
  • ESL
  • Visual Arts (Grade 9) ~ I'm too old to be in that class!
Basically I'm quite satisfied with the subjects so far but these two new subjects requires lab fees and that means I HAVE TO PAY! oh well here it goes >.<

My aunt and uncle came last Saturday and discuss of our education and told us IF it's possible I don't have to go through high school (cause I've already graduated!) and just go to college and blah blah blah. So right now I'm confused about it and I really wanted to take animation course (digital arts and animation) or whatever related to it.

Sigh God help me~