Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Diet lessons from Hetalia!

For those who doesn't know what is hetalia or APH,
then watch the anime! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOX7FycyzjM (1st episode)

I learned something from ep 17...
America was eating too much hamburgers and
he decide to go on a diet....

[click for fullview]

hope you learned something =D
I'm so going for Japanese diet! XD

mata ashita! ^o^V

Hot days...

Mio-chan is a scaredy-cat but she looked so cute when she said' NO'

I really love this song called 'brush and ballpoint pen' (ep 12)~ Mio, the bass player, composer and a vocalist! <3

Lyrics (romanji) :

~Fude Pen Bōru Pen~
Fude pen fu fu
Furueru fu fu
Hajimete kimi e no GREATING CARD
Tokimeku PASSION
Afurete ACTION
Hamida shichau kamo ne

Kimi no egao sotto shite
iitoko misetakunaru you
Jounetsu wo
Furimukase nakya

Ai wo komete surasura to ne
Saa kakidasou
Uketotta kimi ni
Shiawase ga
Tsunagaru you ni

Hashiru kiseki kirakira da ne
Sou kawaku made
Mattete Fude pen
Gomen ne Bōru pen wa
Oyasumi shitete

Kanari honki you

Ai wo komete surasura to ne
Saa kakidasou
Uketotta kimi ni
Shiawase ga

Tsunagaru you ni

Yume wo misete
Gurguru to ne
Ima maiodoru
Ganbare Fude pen
Koko made kitakara
Kanari honki you

man I wish I have all-girls band aih....

oh I found out something here
Yesterday was really a hot day I was like "where is the fan!" sigh...I can't imagine when I'm coming back to Malaysia it's gonna be like 30 degrees there @__@

Monday, June 22, 2009


now left exam review day (getting my results lol) this Wednesday
and then Commencement Award Day on Thursday night > I'll be wearing the graduation hat ^o^

and NOW I CAN DRAW MORE!! (even though I've been drawing during exam week)

btw my Overflow 2009 MP3 CD+DVDs arrived to my house today!
I can listen to the conference message live again and again! XD

once again..."I GOT UR BACK!!"

I'm planning to give this 'thank you' drawing gift to all my teachers ^o^

I got bored and I doodle K-ON! chibi fanart yesterday <3

aww...thank you guys >_O
lol stole this pic from tomica >o<

Saturday, June 20, 2009


nah...hibird says hi XD

  • as usual still searching for summer jobs~~
  • still left with one more exam on Monday then I'm done with high school! XD and been drawing lately..play gaiaonline, deviantart as usual (addicted to it) and sometimes neopets or watch K-ON! anime and read manga when bored...
  • I still need money man~~ D:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


.....starting tomorrow!
.....and ends on Monday! yay! >w<

then I'm free like a bird!! XD
I can't believe high school ends...

then I'm broke~I need summer job
.... and
and watch animes! and more drawings!

wanna share a fanmade APH video..thanks to kirru~chan for sharing this! <3
this is great and I think they should made an opening song for APH! XD

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Don't Say Lazy

sigh I wanted to tell to myself, "Don't say lazy" <----the ending is awesome! anyway yeah that is the lastest anime, K-ON that I found out at Anime North
and I really like it! I love Ritsu, the drummer gal~~haha

not only that I'm obsessed with APH (Axis Power Hetalia)~google it! XD
and I've been trying drawing each of every countries but unfortunately they don't have Malaysia yet..sigh..anyway check it out at my DA gallery ^o^

sorry for a short update cause school is gonna over soon and busy with exams by next 2 weeks! >o<

anyway dad is coming back to Malaysia for this Sunday and going back to Canada on June 19th cause grandma would not live long...please pray for her salvation! and safe journey for my dad....