Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy er..late NEW YEAR :D

experiment with textures
medium: intuos4 tablet+ps cs5.1

I've not really been doing a lot of drawings during the winter break
but I did participate secret santa for our 2nd year animation (the lottery draw is right before the holiday)

and I have to draw Link from Legend of Zelda for Nneka Myers
honestly I never play this game before and it was popular :)

2nd semester just started and as usual I had a hard time to
wake up early but eventually I will get use to it
this time I have no days off but I'm glad there is no 9a.m. classes everyday

This time we are learning using 3D Maya program, acting for animation class was fun
and for painting class we finally get into digital painting YAY! :D
I need to post more artwork soon :)