Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sometimes I just don't get enough sleep....zzZZZzz
Usually I slept at 12a.m and woke up at 11a.m the next day >.<

GIMP2 (it's free here!) and tablet =P

P.S: I've always wanted that type of hairstyle >.<

Monday, July 28, 2008


speed paint!!
lol...not horror to me T^T
and ugly birds!

Dad rented a car for four days at like 150 Canadian Dollar (He needed the car for practice though). Me, mum and my bro went out for a ride around the neighborhood and boy it was far! My uncle was next to him, supervise on how to drive safely. It was nice as my dad drove us to many beaches and what a lovely sand and ocean! It was a nice view. Some other beaches have many beach volleyball stand (I do really mean MANY!!) and many people enjoy their weekend lazying in beaches with bikini! and sunbathing! and what am I wearing? A long pairs of jeans and a t-shirt! >.<.

After few looks of the beach, we are in the car again and dad is driving. Well he was perfect sometimes, breaking the rules (mind you it's left-side!) and my uncle said he must keep the distance~ BIG distance of the front car, slow down to 50-60 km/hour (except when you're in high way). My uncle do tell me to get drivers license soon and not too late, cause the car insurance is very expensive here >.<

Dad is still waiting for job offers and the we will know the results by next week!
Please pray for him to get this job..thanks =D

Till then,

Saturday, July 26, 2008


-----------------------------U N T I T L E D----------------------------

you can find this in my deviantart, http://karumen-chan.deviantart.com/
once again I'm using GIMP2 program and using negative colors >.< people actually thought it was scary!

I didn't do well in my Math and English assessment. I can't believe Grade 11 Math = form 5 + lower 6. Oh well, I forgotten most of them and at least I've tried my best.

well at least....

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Dollar?

Four of us (my aunt, me, joan, melody) went to a shop called DOLLARAMA. Everything sold here for a dollar!

As usual, the favorite things which I bought home is the art accessories (a sketch pad, a box holder, white acrylic paint, etc)~ hey I can't help it..I love art! XD

While my sisters bought some winter clothings like ~ more for fashion duh...
The shop sold lots of stuff ranging from food to clothes, garden deco, kitchen utensils , etc...

BTW my dad went to Edmonton (another state so to speak) for a job interview. I do hope he gets it. Pray for him ya.. and he will be back tomorrow =) If he succeed, we might have to move to a new house.

Sigh my Wacom tablet's USD port was broken or something...sigh I can't CG anymore for now. I do hope my uncle can fix it or I will have to wait when I work summer jobs in Edmonton then I can buy new tablet >.< style="font-weight: bold;">CANADA = NO FRIENDS
ME = NO $$

Two more days is my high school's assessment for Math and English.


my color pencils artwork ~ buttons! who knows maybe I want to sell them in future

look! there are more of them! >.<

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sometimes it is windy and sometimes it is hot during summer in Canada..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The reason why...

This is the reason why I received band 4 for MUET ~ sigh* TT__TT

another artwork of mine ~ Reaching your heart's desire

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I need summer job..

Today me and my siblings woke up early, prepare and pack our lunch box (most high schooler are require to do that!!) and be ready to go to Markham Public Library for this free service of EMPLOYMENT HELP FOR TEENS (looking for summer jobs, prepare resumes, etc) as my uncle gave us a ride.Boy, I thought it was a talk and we taught it's gonna be like 10am - 5pm seminar or something like that. Actually it's something like FAQ booth and in a few minutes we are done! they even ask us to surf the web for summer jobs. sigh...make us come just for a few minutes talk..one of them even asked us, "Are you in grade 8 or 9?" lol! Do I looked like I'm in grade 9? >.< (haha..maybe I looked kinda young) >_O

But at the same time I just look up some books, research for my 'assignment' (an essay) which is given by my aunt and borrow some books. Sigh, she reminded me the days of Pn.Doreen's lessons. No break man! Anyway the title of my assignment is 'Violence'. Oh well..

Hehe..in the end we have to walk back to our house >.<
I do wish we could use the bike next time but here I prefer cars (very hard to find a job that is near here..) Only more than one week, we knew our way back home =)

Oh well..

MORE PICTURES TO UPDATE!!! --------------------------- later

haha...patience is a virtue you know XD

Till then,

Monday, July 14, 2008

Too much...

I've been watching anime, reading manga and listening to anime OST lately (especially Final Fantasy) yet I am very disappointed with some anime especially the ones where you watch it before you read the manga *piss*. I've gone through Eureka Seven's ending in manga and it is totally different from the ones in anime. What happened to you anime? I'm disappointed with you! lol!! >.<. Therefore lessons learned ~ never watch anime before you read the manga. sigh*

However currently I'm watching Vampire Knight anime (thank God this time I've been following the manga first) and I'm planning to watch Full Metal Alchemist and Law of Ueki which I've brought here with me to Canada =D. I'm saving them later when I'm extremely bored. BTW, I've read this manga called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and it's nice! but a bit pervert lol.. well better than the gay anime which Tyoriginal and Lemon watched (hahaha..) Anyway this is what I've been up to this summer >.<

sigh..I've missed the days when we talked about anime in class...sigh

Other than that, when the computers and laptops are not available (too hot!) [even though there are 3 com and 2 laptops], as usually I'll be back to my sketch book and draw draw and draw. Currently I'm painting with my buncho watercolor and my grade 2 cousin Samuel lend me a hand by sorting out the colors for me =)

Sorry there are no pictures here >.<
I will upload them later..

Tour de Japon - Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII

Saturday, July 12, 2008


[front and back cover][click for fullview!]
I wanna buy! TT__TT.
Friends from Malaysia~ please buy and send it to me! Anyone help!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Balloon: let me go...
(done in Corel Painter Essentials 2)

will upload more artwork later =)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Will I ever feel hungry?

Food! Every supply of food! O_< ~food~ our snacks!

There is more where it came from..
Once again, will I ever feel hungry? >_O

lol..I'm 'expanding' man...sigh..

Till then,

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daily doodles..

As the matter of fact, just ignore the earlier doodle...
We had beef burgers for lunch ^__^ . It's huge!

Then again I was too bored staying too long at home only to online..
Using GIMP program again >__<

My first post!

After arrival in a new land, Canada. I really enjoy the scenery, peaceful place and friendly neighborhood, the western food especially (pizzas, hot dogs, bacons, etc) and not to mention they are very independent. If you are 17 years old and above, you are considered and treated as an adult. Wow O_O

Anyway everything is fine here. Weather is cold especially at night even though it's summer now. BTW I will be obtaining Social Insurance Number (SIN) card by next week and I will be able to work =)

Oh yeah! we had strawberries from USA after dinner! (slightly smaller than your knuckle). Here I drew one >_<

Till then,