Monday, July 28, 2008


speed paint!!
lol...not horror to me T^T
and ugly birds!

Dad rented a car for four days at like 150 Canadian Dollar (He needed the car for practice though). Me, mum and my bro went out for a ride around the neighborhood and boy it was far! My uncle was next to him, supervise on how to drive safely. It was nice as my dad drove us to many beaches and what a lovely sand and ocean! It was a nice view. Some other beaches have many beach volleyball stand (I do really mean MANY!!) and many people enjoy their weekend lazying in beaches with bikini! and sunbathing! and what am I wearing? A long pairs of jeans and a t-shirt! >.<.

After few looks of the beach, we are in the car again and dad is driving. Well he was perfect sometimes, breaking the rules (mind you it's left-side!) and my uncle said he must keep the distance~ BIG distance of the front car, slow down to 50-60 km/hour (except when you're in high way). My uncle do tell me to get drivers license soon and not too late, cause the car insurance is very expensive here >.<

Dad is still waiting for job offers and the we will know the results by next week!
Please pray for him to get this job..thanks =D

Till then,