Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I need summer job..

Today me and my siblings woke up early, prepare and pack our lunch box (most high schooler are require to do that!!) and be ready to go to Markham Public Library for this free service of EMPLOYMENT HELP FOR TEENS (looking for summer jobs, prepare resumes, etc) as my uncle gave us a ride.Boy, I thought it was a talk and we taught it's gonna be like 10am - 5pm seminar or something like that. Actually it's something like FAQ booth and in a few minutes we are done! they even ask us to surf the web for summer jobs. sigh...make us come just for a few minutes talk..one of them even asked us, "Are you in grade 8 or 9?" lol! Do I looked like I'm in grade 9? >.< (haha..maybe I looked kinda young) >_O

But at the same time I just look up some books, research for my 'assignment' (an essay) which is given by my aunt and borrow some books. Sigh, she reminded me the days of Pn.Doreen's lessons. No break man! Anyway the title of my assignment is 'Violence'. Oh well..

Hehe..in the end we have to walk back to our house >.<
I do wish we could use the bike next time but here I prefer cars (very hard to find a job that is near here..) Only more than one week, we knew our way back home =)

Oh well..

MORE PICTURES TO UPDATE!!! --------------------------- later

haha...patience is a virtue you know XD

Till then,