Monday, July 21, 2008

A Dollar?

Four of us (my aunt, me, joan, melody) went to a shop called DOLLARAMA. Everything sold here for a dollar!

As usual, the favorite things which I bought home is the art accessories (a sketch pad, a box holder, white acrylic paint, etc)~ hey I can't help it..I love art! XD

While my sisters bought some winter clothings like ~ more for fashion duh...
The shop sold lots of stuff ranging from food to clothes, garden deco, kitchen utensils , etc...

BTW my dad went to Edmonton (another state so to speak) for a job interview. I do hope he gets it. Pray for him ya.. and he will be back tomorrow =) If he succeed, we might have to move to a new house.

Sigh my Wacom tablet's USD port was broken or something...sigh I can't CG anymore for now. I do hope my uncle can fix it or I will have to wait when I work summer jobs in Edmonton then I can buy new tablet >.< style="font-weight: bold;">CANADA = NO FRIENDS
ME = NO $$

Two more days is my high school's assessment for Math and English.


my color pencils artwork ~ buttons! who knows maybe I want to sell them in future

look! there are more of them! >.<