Tuesday, March 31, 2009


"I am 19 going on 20

why do I still look young..." (perasan)


I'm going be first time celebrating it in Canada!

Thursday: Literacy Test (whole day)
Friday: MY BIRTHDAY!, cooking assignment
for Food and Nutrition Science class
and deadline for English novel ISP

P.S: I should post more of my artwork the next time I post my blog ~ <3

Sunday, March 29, 2009

La Maison en Petites Cubes

La Maison en Petites Cubes from dorsumi on Vimeo.

La Maison en Petites Cubes = House of small cubes
very meaningful...
I hope one day I can make animation like this...one day *sniff*

Raining bread + weird ending

It's true

My dad was working in this Weston Bakery company as Retail and shipping coordinator and every time he would bring back this french sort of long frozen bread home for us -mindyouitsboxesofbread- apparently the factory wants to throw them away if they did not meet the standards...it's totally a waste then that's the story on why my dad brought back the bread. We have to put into oven for more than 400 degrees in 15 minutes and believe me I had eaten it hard and crunchy before cook it..it's horrible! >.<

oh well gonna eat more bread for the rest of my life XD

Have you guys watch Kuroshitsuji?
I simply <3 Sebastian!! nyAaa!!!

The ending is really weird - just weird
I was like "that's it?" lol...
That does not explain to me about
the puppet master, sebastian's true form and, so on *spoilers*
Maybe I should read the manga >.<
Tell me what do you guys think of it

Friday, March 27, 2009

This year is not my year...

oh noes..

I didn't get into Sheridan College for its famous animation bachelor program...I felt so sad because it's my first choice and I got rejected. Then I didn't get into Seneca college for same diploma program (still competitive one..) and it was my 2nd choice..

I don't know how I'm suppose to feel right now..
I felt disappointed...

Maybe I should wait for other offers? or go for Sheridan's Art Fundamentals,
a year to improve my skill...

My portfolio score is 2.14 but they only offer people with 2.78 to 2.96 for waiting list

-I'm in field hockey team last semester but I'm not allow to play (paper work and stuff)
-I'm in badminton team (mix-double) but apparently I'm too old (more than 6 years of highschool)...I feel bad for my partner..that's not fair!

felt like failure in life

Monday, March 23, 2009

Today is...

Well I'm back to school with my new dye hair! woot! lol it's.....blueish-black! and you want to know how it looks like? ........it's BLACK! lol waste money only...

I dyed my hair last night and I thought it works out blue but it turned darker than before but when it shines it's blueish and only one person who knew I dyed my hair..aih..oh well I need to earn money to dye other colour next time...

Both of my 2nd period and 4th period teacher was absent and I'm able to do some of my work. I told my friends about the incident in the swimming pool where I saw Mr.T that other day (4th period teacher), and Esther Kuan laughed the most about it and other girl (oh shoot! I forgot her name! >.<) started to have pervert thought of Mr.T and me ( I was wearing bikini that time~lol!). She said Mr.T won't be coming to school because he was embarassed or something like that and it's true! He was absent during our next class. They begin to laugh at this joke and start telling other people (in our group lol!)...funny very funny guys...

aww...guys! thank you so much! I miss you guys too! *on tears*

Friday, March 20, 2009


Today is official day for SPRING season!!! (flowers yeah!)
honestly holidays are going to end soon and I haven't start my assignments at all
Usually holidays are time for me to draw more other than art assignments =P

I went to Bayview Hill Community Centre for swimming (gosh I didn't swim for a long time)
with Melody C, Joan C, Jerlyne, Shawn Goh (her poodle, both from Singapore~crazy dudes!) and Lawrence (Jerlyne's bf). There I saw lots of friends from same school ~ Sammy (my sis's korean friend), Kevin, Brad (same 1st Semester social science class), Betty (she is a lifeguard there) and lol I saw Mr. Trynoponous (or MR.T) my Greek art & design class teacher with his kids. Oookay...

Lol I wore bikini for the first time and the crowd is like wow...the water is warmer in kids' pool and adults are usually accompany them or they are in the 'deep' pool. I went to the slide twice and it was pretty high I mean the distance between end of the slide and the pool. Kevin and Shawn race who will be the fastest but for course Shawn lost cause he didn't practice for months since he came to Canada. Unfortunately Jerlyn doesn't know how to swim but her faithful and loyal boyfriend hug and protect her..lol. We went to the sauna but it wasn't that hot XD

Funny part when we are about to leave, we had to shower right..but the thing is the shower has no doors nor any curtains! Well some ladies or kids are naked when they showered and Jerlyn is brave enough to stripped her bra when she shower. Oh well Canada is too open. For the guys, I heard that they refuse to stripped in front of kids for shower so basically they just rinse themselves and drenched with chlorine or pee pool water. hahaha...

Then we head to home! I had fun =P

Joan, Jerlyn and me
(after showering)

combing our hair

and this is Shawn Goh (the poodle)
yeah he dyed his hair at my sis's co-op salon

I must dye my hair! XD

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Nice song

Lyrics extract from http://kidung.com/






Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bad news

Today I received a letter from Seneca College where I applied for the same Animation program but I got turn down but they offer me a waiting list for Art Fundamental (1 year program to prepare for my portfolio). Though Seneca College is my 2nd choice but I'm pretty scared now because Sheridan College (my first choice for the same Animation program) is more picky in portfolio evaluation. However I've applied for Art Fundamentals at Sheridan for back-up just in case I don't get into that Bachelor of Applied Arts (Animation) *biting my nails*

Now I'm still waiting for the results from Sheridan college
I really want to get in so badly! >.<

Carmen, you should trust in God (talking to herself)

Proverbs 3:5-6 (New International Version)

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;

6 in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.


I have another portfolio to hand in tomorrow
to Centennial College
so wish me luck! :D

P.S: I still haven't dye my hair yet >.<

Monday, March 16, 2009


Vincent Valentine
My latest obsession!~yeah I know he's hot!
from Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus

I think they should make whole cg movies of this game

I guess I will re-watch Crisis Core again hehe..
lol final fantasy fanatic now X3

sigh..my sis called me this afternoon and told me that the red dye coloured hair product has not arrived yet so I have to wait till next week. I think it is better to dye at home rather than going to salon but I still want to dye my hair as blueish-black.

I will be going to Value Village (2nd-hand shop) to buy my cosplay materials or at least I will have to sew them together. I'm planning to let my hair grew a bit longer at least for AnimeNorth cosplay so now I can tie my hair and looked at least feminine.

For this whole week of holiday I will try to finish off my gaia commissions and read my I.S.P book ~ Memoirs of a geisha hopefully finish reading it at the end of the week. I have to do a bit of research for my English class.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

AnimeNorth 2009

Did I tell you guys that I'm coming to AnimeNorth with Adrian Matu this year? Yeah we are anime freaks..Thanks to him helping me pay with paypal, it only cost $45 CDN for single pre-registration (of course I pay back lol!)

I get so excited over this because this is my first time going to anime convention in my entire life. It held on May 22-24, located in the Toronto Congress Center (downtown). I'm going to COSPLAY! but I couldn't figure what anime characters to cosplay as... can you guys give me a hint? Well pervert Adrian wants me to dress as a sexy girl but well he knows that won't happen! lol!! XD but yeah it's going to be like girl theme maybe high school girl with uniforms *and skirts*..hmm...

I want to open a booth actually but then I would like to visit the first time before I start selling anything but for now I'm saving money to buy stuff at AN *I'm a poor student TT__TT*

I'm going to bring my camera and going to take lots of pictures! and with artists as well..I'm planning to visit some of my Deviantart friends' booth =D ~ stalk them and buy all of their stuff! *muhahaha!!*

lol Adrian is planning to bring his sleeping bag for sleepover there cause staying at the hotel cost a lot!...lol...

As I've said ~ I CAN'T WAIT!!

I will dye my hair RED tomorrow at my sis's CO-OP salon for free! =D


Let me just recall events that happened for the past few weeks..

On March 2nd, I skipped school to hand in my sheridan portfolio at 8.00a.m. It was an hour drive from where I stay and the college is pretty far. I was alone with no friend but I met a guy, Roman Rajbhandari, he is half-Russian and his mother is from Nepal. He was same age as me, working but hoping to get into this prestigious-highly-competitive animation program. Only 125 people are selected out of 600 applicants who apply for this program (Imagine most of the people who applied are from Deviantart). That means I have to be the best among the best. Basically on that day I just submit the portfolio and wait for information session at 10a.m. where I listen to the 1st, 2nd and 4th year's expriences at sheridan then...we went for a tour around the huge campus! This the best part because I get to see 2nd-4th year student's workplace where each of them receive a cubicle/workplace to work at their assignments and I thought to myself that I really have to get one as well. All of students' work are hanged or stick on the wall and it was AMAZING! This really fuels me to get into this college so badly! >.< (I included it as well)

then, I went back home. It was great exprience but waiting for the results is killing me! The results/offer will be out at the end of March/early April. I'm telling myself that if I didn't make into this Bachelor program, I will go for Art Fundamentals for a year to improve my portfolio submissions before I apply again next year?

Anyway PRAY FOR ME GUYS! I'm getting so nervous whether I can get in! >o<

Saturday, March 14, 2009


sink into the deepest ocean
where memories are buried...forever..

FINALLY it's MARCH BREAK!! A full week of holidays!
I can draw more stuff and update my journal since I'm pretty free now