Sunday, March 29, 2009

Raining bread + weird ending

It's true

My dad was working in this Weston Bakery company as Retail and shipping coordinator and every time he would bring back this french sort of long frozen bread home for us -mindyouitsboxesofbread- apparently the factory wants to throw them away if they did not meet the's totally a waste then that's the story on why my dad brought back the bread. We have to put into oven for more than 400 degrees in 15 minutes and believe me I had eaten it hard and crunchy before cook's horrible! >.<

oh well gonna eat more bread for the rest of my life XD

Have you guys watch Kuroshitsuji?
I simply <3 Sebastian!! nyAaa!!!

The ending is really weird - just weird
I was like "that's it?" lol...
That does not explain to me about
the puppet master, sebastian's true form and, so on *spoilers*
Maybe I should read the manga >.<
Tell me what do you guys think of it