Friday, March 20, 2009


Today is official day for SPRING season!!! (flowers yeah!)
honestly holidays are going to end soon and I haven't start my assignments at all
Usually holidays are time for me to draw more other than art assignments =P

I went to Bayview Hill Community Centre for swimming (gosh I didn't swim for a long time)
with Melody C, Joan C, Jerlyne, Shawn Goh (her poodle, both from Singapore~crazy dudes!) and Lawrence (Jerlyne's bf). There I saw lots of friends from same school ~ Sammy (my sis's korean friend), Kevin, Brad (same 1st Semester social science class), Betty (she is a lifeguard there) and lol I saw Mr. Trynoponous (or MR.T) my Greek art & design class teacher with his kids. Oookay...

Lol I wore bikini for the first time and the crowd is like wow...the water is warmer in kids' pool and adults are usually accompany them or they are in the 'deep' pool. I went to the slide twice and it was pretty high I mean the distance between end of the slide and the pool. Kevin and Shawn race who will be the fastest but for course Shawn lost cause he didn't practice for months since he came to Canada. Unfortunately Jerlyn doesn't know how to swim but her faithful and loyal boyfriend hug and protect We went to the sauna but it wasn't that hot XD

Funny part when we are about to leave, we had to shower right..but the thing is the shower has no doors nor any curtains! Well some ladies or kids are naked when they showered and Jerlyn is brave enough to stripped her bra when she shower. Oh well Canada is too open. For the guys, I heard that they refuse to stripped in front of kids for shower so basically they just rinse themselves and drenched with chlorine or pee pool water. hahaha...

Then we head to home! I had fun =P

Joan, Jerlyn and me
(after showering)

combing our hair

and this is Shawn Goh (the poodle)
yeah he dyed his hair at my sis's co-op salon

I must dye my hair! XD


Lex said...

*tries whistle*
*only wind came out*
Whatever, I can't whistle even if I'm paid.

He doesn't look as emo as the one with the U in his name.

karumen-chan said...

thanks lex..

lol yeah it's dejavu..
lol but I miss small eater though..
now I have new poodle to play with =P