Friday, March 27, 2009

This year is not my year...

oh noes..

I didn't get into Sheridan College for its famous animation bachelor program...I felt so sad because it's my first choice and I got rejected. Then I didn't get into Seneca college for same diploma program (still competitive one..) and it was my 2nd choice..

I don't know how I'm suppose to feel right now..
I felt disappointed...

Maybe I should wait for other offers? or go for Sheridan's Art Fundamentals,
a year to improve my skill...

My portfolio score is 2.14 but they only offer people with 2.78 to 2.96 for waiting list

-I'm in field hockey team last semester but I'm not allow to play (paper work and stuff)
-I'm in badminton team (mix-double) but apparently I'm too old (more than 6 years of highschool)...I feel bad for my partner..that's not fair!

felt like failure in life