Sunday, March 15, 2009

AnimeNorth 2009

Did I tell you guys that I'm coming to AnimeNorth with Adrian Matu this year? Yeah we are anime freaks..Thanks to him helping me pay with paypal, it only cost $45 CDN for single pre-registration (of course I pay back lol!)

I get so excited over this because this is my first time going to anime convention in my entire life. It held on May 22-24, located in the Toronto Congress Center (downtown). I'm going to COSPLAY! but I couldn't figure what anime characters to cosplay as... can you guys give me a hint? Well pervert Adrian wants me to dress as a sexy girl but well he knows that won't happen! lol!! XD but yeah it's going to be like girl theme maybe high school girl with uniforms *and skirts*..hmm...

I want to open a booth actually but then I would like to visit the first time before I start selling anything but for now I'm saving money to buy stuff at AN *I'm a poor student TT__TT*

I'm going to bring my camera and going to take lots of pictures! and with artists as well..I'm planning to visit some of my Deviantart friends' booth =D ~ stalk them and buy all of their stuff! *muhahaha!!*

lol Adrian is planning to bring his sleeping bag for sleepover there cause staying at the hotel cost a lot!

As I've said ~ I CAN'T WAIT!!

I will dye my hair RED tomorrow at my sis's CO-OP salon for free! =D