Sunday, March 15, 2009


Let me just recall events that happened for the past few weeks..

On March 2nd, I skipped school to hand in my sheridan portfolio at 8.00a.m. It was an hour drive from where I stay and the college is pretty far. I was alone with no friend but I met a guy, Roman Rajbhandari, he is half-Russian and his mother is from Nepal. He was same age as me, working but hoping to get into this prestigious-highly-competitive animation program. Only 125 people are selected out of 600 applicants who apply for this program (Imagine most of the people who applied are from Deviantart). That means I have to be the best among the best. Basically on that day I just submit the portfolio and wait for information session at 10a.m. where I listen to the 1st, 2nd and 4th year's expriences at sheridan then...we went for a tour around the huge campus! This the best part because I get to see 2nd-4th year student's workplace where each of them receive a cubicle/workplace to work at their assignments and I thought to myself that I really have to get one as well. All of students' work are hanged or stick on the wall and it was AMAZING! This really fuels me to get into this college so badly! >.< (I included it as well)

then, I went back home. It was great exprience but waiting for the results is killing me! The results/offer will be out at the end of March/early April. I'm telling myself that if I didn't make into this Bachelor program, I will go for Art Fundamentals for a year to improve my portfolio submissions before I apply again next year?

Anyway PRAY FOR ME GUYS! I'm getting so nervous whether I can get in! >o<