Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do you know...

my jellyfish blows bubble gum too? kawaii!
Do you know..
> I'm 19 but people thought I'm 14 (I looked younger! *smiles*)
> My school lunch break is 1 hour++
> I cycle through and fro to school everyday
> I have my own locker
> I received perfect marks for my prototype tech design project
> I'm in field hockey team now
> I've earned my frist 2 dollar!! (still poor..but thanks to my chubby!)
> There are no stray cats and dogs here but wild squirrels
> I downloaded SAI painter! yahoo!
> Most people here chew gum in class
> Most people brought their mp3/ipod to listen in class (when there are no lessons!)

will update more later...

Till then,