Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So this what you called high school

a big LOL

I was back home earlier cause I have no lessons after lunch break
and to tell you guys the truth of my high school
(unless you've been here!)

After I've reached school, me and my siblings went to the entrance and to my excitement, everyone started to crowd that area and shouting and hugging each other like they never seen them forever (only summer break~duh!) Anyway this school consists of Grade 9-12 students and I bet I'm the oldest one there (even though they allowed students up to 21 years old). To tell the truth this school has more Asians (Korean, Chinese from China/Hong Kong/etc). I'm getting used to Canadian accent but not fluent enough! BTW let me tell you my timetable (subjects which I'm forced to take) and high school here is like COLLEGE!

1st Semester
  • Challenge and change in Society (History) ~ my homeroom teacher, Mr. Tran
  • Living and working with children! (what!?@#!) ~ I'm seriously need to change this!
  • ESL (English as second language) ~ lol you thought I was from China who does not know English! shoosh!
  • I have spare lesson here -will insert-
2nd Semester
  • Instrumental music ~ Guitar
  • English
  • Art and design elements ~ that's what I like it!
  • Mathematics - Functions
I think the most silliest class would be living and working with children cause we actually need to make a fake baby stuffed with flour bag and cottons and require to carry it for 7 days all the time! (like a real baby where you don't abandon your child). Thank God she did not buy the pregnancy apron for our course work! lol I don't want to carry it all the time looking like an idiot! It sounded interesting but who knows at the end of the day I'll learn something. Oh my doll baby~

Another thing, my homeroom has only 3 lockers to share with 31 students! lol! I want my own locker! I'll definitely blame the grade 9 students who signed in (too many!) shoosh! >.<>.<


sushi hime (the sushi princess) said...

wow you left m'sia to canada? D8888

karumen-chan said...

lol you've just realized it now? lol XD