Sunday, April 5, 2009


YES! I've accepted the offer for Centennial College in Toronto...
it's 4 semester/14 months diploma program for Digital Animation.
I can't wait to experience and know more about this field.
I'm gonna be an animator so watch out for me! haha....

I'm gonna prove to them that I can still be successful
even though I'm not in prestigious colleges! *fists on the air*

I guess I will never stay out of town on my own sigh...

and yay! more pictures taken on April 3rd!

Esther Kuan(from Malaysia too!) and me

me and Kimberly (from Malaysia too!) ~ the future doctor~~

lol XD

me and Elena (Romanian ~~ another future doctor)
why all the smart people @__@ ahaahah XD

me and Vicki (very I mean very artistic girl)
man I wish my art is as geng as hers >.<


Mr.T and me! haha XD
lol is he trying to staple me? @__@

I will upload more pictures later ^__^
gosh I really need to cut my hair
it's getting annoying >.<