Thursday, April 30, 2009

The New Me


Jenny took this picture with her new iPhone
I realized people noticed me more with this new look
credit to Joan C for cutting and highlighted my hair
If you realized ever since I came to Canada
I don't really have pimples anymore ~ smooth skin
and I do look fairer lol >.O

no time to write busy busy as a bee >.<


Lex said...


Sure, go ahead and show off about your great hair, fashionable specs and flawless skin......
I"m not suppose to be complimenting you.


karumen-chan said...

muhahaha really? people really stare at me and comment at me like 'wow nice hair' I felt like somebody..I'm no longer be invisible anymore..


well you can't take back your compliment cause I just save it lol XD

haha thanks =D

Emoporer said...

I should dye my hair also... I want attention!! Lol..

Send some Canadian air back.. I want good skin :D