Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Simple post


Here are the simple events which are happening to me now..
  • Canada = 1 month+
  • Temperature/weather: Adjusting
  • Animals: Squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, and skunks (stinky!)
  • Money: only RM (ringgit Malaysia) ~ poor *sobs*
  • Drawing, anime, manga and playing neopets everyday! >.<
  • Church: still looking for the nearest one...
  • Dad is still unemployed and getting car license (G license)
  • Dad bought GPS and we never get lost with that (extremely useful!)
  • We just found VERY nice rented house in Richmond Hill (moving soon!) *woopy!*
  • Living with relatives now (overall 11 person in the house)
  • Chances getting own room = 0%
  • High school: Grade 11/12 (maybe) = form six (i guess)
  • Friends: so far 2! Grace (20) and Joyce (10). They are very friendly and they possess Nintendo Wii! *jealous*
  • Been cycling to library...(they have lots of mangas and shonen jump/shojo beat magazines there!)
  • Had turkey every now and then..
  • Summer job = none (far away!) >.<
  • Missed the opening of Olympic Beijing cause we have the TV but no satellite *cries*
  • Needing bank account to open commission work in Deviantart (DA)..quickly!
  • I need scanner to post lots of my artwork in DA! >.<
  • Storing fat for winter!!

Till then,