Thursday, July 30, 2009

Like no other..

got bored doodle Vampire Knight boys after reading chapter 52

I praise God for what he had done for me <3
sorry for the disappearing act again lol *poof* I'm back!

What happened to me?
  • Canadians don't blog << yeah right...
  • I was withdrawn from Centennial College because my payment fees were due but in fact we've mailed them weeks earlier but the mail got back to us 10 days after the due date *what the..
  • Praise God Sheridan accepts me for Arts Fundamental, one year program
  • been at gaiaonline too much ~ drawing everyday
  • been to DA at the same time ~~duh~~
  • went to pool party~~ it was awesome swimming and had fun with white people from church
  • it's been weeks not working~~waiting for them to call me for training but finally I will this coming Tuesday...yay for money >w<
  • I GOT AN E-MAIL I'M ACCEPTED TO JOIN 2009 FANEXPO EVENT AS VOLUNTEER!!! I knew that I can't afford to go but I'll try as's my first time to FanExpo!!!!
  • Now I need a transport to that place...
  • went to downtown Eatern Centre (shopping mall) by subway and street cars! with my family :D
  • I guess that's all for now....
*poof* time
*goes to eat ice-cream*