Sunday, November 14, 2010

pan background

very basic graphic version of my pan background for marine life animation
I'm doing normal profile view of my sea lion (will upload when it's done)

medium: ps7+tablet

recently I went to Royal Winter Fair for the first time
and I had fun drawing the animals despite all the smelly animals
I will upload the drawings once I submitted it to my teacher :)

I was bored so I wanna experiment with patterns


Nneka said...

Your background has such a cool texture! Mine is just...from the server LOL

karumen-chan said...

thanks lol those are just the same old paper textures XD

lol it looks good here now but I did try put it for my marine life assignment it was too small and enlarge it makes it ugly =(

oh well I have choice =.=

haha well michel doesn't care if it's her bg =P