Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lazy post

landscape wip

nothing really inspired me to draw nowadays
and being queen of procrastination and laziness, plus work during summer holidays,
I've not been doing a lot of drawings :(

but I will find a time to upload my summer extra life drawings ~ soon

Anime North 2011 was fun, met lots of new friends and classmates
had booths at Artist Alley
and cosplay is fun! =D

perhaps I should make another blog just for my cosplay :O


NPMartin said...

Ahhh, can't wait to see this landscape done~! ;_;

Mannnnn, I'm suffering from lazy summer too. The heat waves aren't helping either XD;

karumen-chan said...

NP: lol thanks but I got the feeling I won't get it done somehow D:

so so so lazy ~~ yeah lazy summer =.=
but at least I still need to do your ONE PIECE art request =P

Shelley Whiting said...

I love the artwork. It's very haunting and mysterious. Beautiful and intriguing artwork.