Wednesday, October 5, 2011


my cactus doodles at my sketchbook

top left: pirate cactus by Larissa M
top right: cyborg zombie cactus by Joshua H
bottom left: Mecha cactus by Hao
bottom right: Link cactus by Nicole Martin

top: gangster cactus by Nneka Myers
left: cactus-that-look-like-from-monster-inc by Dakota Zima
right: pimp girly cactus by Katie Jones

left: cowboy cactus by Charlie
right: cute girly cactus by Cecilia

perhaps I should update more stuff onto my blog
here are my drawing requests from my classmates (still asking for more)
I need more cacti minions to take over the world muhahahaha XD
as you know I LOVE CACTUS

I finally found the person who did 4th year film about the western cowboy cactus
check out Garrett Hanna's blog