Friday, November 21, 2008

College or High School?

I planned to skip high school and go to college ASAP (if possible)..
Tomorrow I will be going to open house at Sheridan college
People said this college is famous for animation program
[which I've heard thousands of times from every person who knows it]
and we will see how it goes...

This is my report card (oh well..paper)
up to the mid-term

[click to enlarge]

Well the results is pretty good for now especially
those new courses I've been taking >.<

Till then,


Emoporer said...

Lol, i thought why so many E's! XD Rupa-rupanya excellent.. Congrats on that!

High school fun tak? Kalau fun.. then tak payah skip. Kalau tidak, cepat cepat leave! Haha!