Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pokemon O_O

My cousin came and visit us, and we stumble upon pokemon
we talked a lot of 'new generation' of pokemons
but I kinda like this team rocket motto

Since Jessie gets her hair cut short by a wild Scyther in this episode, Team Rocket recites a special motto.

Jessie: You insult my hair? Prepare for trouble!
James: It used to be there but now it's stubble!
Jessie: To protect my head from humiliation!
James: Too bad her hair went on vacation!
Jessie: My gorgeous hair was my one true love!
James: They went together like a hand and glove!
Jessie: Jessie!
James: James!
Jessie: Now my hair is short but it won't be for long!
James: And it won't stop our Jessie from doing what's wrong!
Meowth: Hairy!

Laugh all you can! =DThis is something my cousin did using paint program ~ sprite hibrid pokemon! lol XD

Anyway Friday is PA day so that means it's holiday!

Till then,


Lex said...

Now I know I haven't watched pokemon for such a long time.

But I have a very extensive pokemon movie collection.
I guess not that long after all.

The pokemon evolution sequence is nice.

Emoporer said...

Uh, i wonder how Team Rocket says it in Japanese.

Jangan hybrid pokemon with trainers cukup. :P

Lex said...

Hybrid with trainers?
That's very scary.
What have you been smoking?

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