Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Few things...

For my Malaysian friends...
I grabbed snowball on my way home ^__^

and I put it in my freezer ~loL!!

Few things I wanna say...
  • I DESPERATELY DELIBERATELY NEED MONEY!! Anyone interested to commish me, please do so....
  • Tonight's Kids Christmas Party in school are awesome! Teachers' kids are cute >.<
  • My homeroom teacher's daughter's name is Cahaya (yeah it means light!). She is so cute..her dad is Vietnamese and her mum is Indonesian! *dances*
  • Winter break is just around the corner (for 2 weeks!). 'People' are planning to skip this Friday.
  • I need to prepare my ISPs (Independent Study Projects) after the holidays =P
  • Will babysitting my cousins during winter holidays and will earn something out of it! (money money money..)
  • Feeling want to skip high school (I'm too stressful of the colleges application and stuff)
  • Want to go for art school...enhance my art talent (but no money *cries*)
  • Still want to earn more money....sigh
  • Cold weather is crazy, lower than 0 and I have to walk back to home and sometimes it's snowing
  • I need to reply e-mail to my old church in Malaysia >.<
That's all!