Monday, February 16, 2009


Yes nude people!

Today is Family Day in Canada but this holiday event exist since last year, a perfect day for employees spent more time with their family with most of the malls closed except for Dollarama where I bought my tracing papers and padded envelopes for my art supplies. Nothing much as usual ~ just busy with my portfolio which is going to evaluate on March 2nd *nervous*.

I went to Sister Onny's house for animal life-drawing, she is kind enough to allow me to draw her cats which it's a bit difficult especially to have cats running around. Later they were tired and I am able to draw them when they are lying down and sleeping. BTW both cats are brother (Trent) and sister(Cleo) and to tell you the truth, cats here are HUGE and FAT!

Yesterday, Sunday (Feb 16th) I skipped church and went to downtown to TSA (Toronto School of Art) at 10a.m. till 12.30p.m. for nude life drawing. Believe me this whole thing are new experience for me. I prepare all my stuff (pencils, markers, charcoal pencils, sketchbooks, etc) before I come to this studio unexpectedly what will happen to me. It took more than 30 minutes to reach that place and as I enter the room (studio 2), I noticed a lot of people like my grandmas and uncles and aunts were there and of course some young people 'innocent' people were there as well. I sat the nearest to the door cause most of the tables were taken. The table settings are sort of like surrounding or around a stage in front. Some people prefer using easel and boards and then I remembered I forgot to buy huge newsprint for this session *oh shoot* but at least I bought my sketchbook to draw.

Here comes to the nude part

I wasn't experience the first few sketches cause it was too fast like 1 minute for each post (just to get us warm up thing) and yeah the model was a middle-age lady. I was getting tense each time when she quickly changes her pose and I lose some part of the body, unable to finish them so I just leave it. I realized she seems to be a professional model for life drawing because I can tell her poses are really different and she can hold on for a very long time (for long poses) with an alarm in front of her. Sometimes we have a break for a short while and then we continued...

My sketches are getting better as it goes by because in the beginning those were warm ups with gestures and I am able to observe better with all the muscles especially in nude drawings. We can't find those in clothes on. Overall I enjoyed the whole new experience which I can't do it in Malaysia and maybe I might go there for more tries for my portfolio so there are more choices to choose by then. BTW it's only cost $9 for one session...pretty cheap XD

haha that's it for now,
hope you guys enjoy reading my whole
new N.U.D.E experience with me! >.<

Till then,


Lex said...

Firstly........I'M ALIVE.
Next, nude session?
Definitely something that you can't find in Malaysia. (Maybe there is just that we don't know about it)
But, it's good to see/read that you're doing pretty well there.
Will you be some hotshot artist in Canada when/if we see you next time in Canada or even Malaysia?
Anyway, just say that your perverted side wants to go there again.(HAHAHAHA XP)