Sunday, February 1, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen let me present to you all that..
----------I'M ALIVE!!-----------

Yes I'm sorry for not updating my blog because I blame myself of addicting to Gaia Online and I know this is a lame game for kids and yada yada but wei I'm challenging myself to obtain 1mil++ in few months and yeah I'm taking gaia art commission to improve my drawings too ^^
you check out My Deviantart

Anyway let me usher you all to this lovey-dovey month~ February (oh gosh time flies man)

My exams? oh they are fine I get
70% for Challenge and Change in Society (Social Science course)
79% for Philosophy
86% for Tech Design
86% for ESL
92% for Visual Arts

and I can wait for next semester which starts tomorrow cause I have 2 art courses d(^o^)b

Yesterday my family was invited to a Chinese New Year reunion party and I met with couple of CBC (Canadian born Chinese) kids but their parents are from Malaysia and Singapore. We had card games and watched a movie 'Forbidden Kingdom'...later on we have to follow the Chinese tradition to sing CNY songs which I don't remember the lyrics in Cantonese and Mandarin and of course we have ice-breaking games of charade of Chinese proverb in English~~lol I would never know what they means but some adults knew. Overall I had fun with the Malaysian/Singaporean food and some goodies to bring back home..

Other than that I have survived walking through and fro to school with -20 degrees
but now the weather won't be as bad as that =P

That's all for now..

Love y'll,