Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday night

my final pink panther pan bg...kinda last-minute-the-day-before-job D:
but I still like it though XD

doodle during digitool class
gonna love burn and dodge tool =P


Metropolis film is pretty interesting :)
went to watch the movie at Sheridan Friday movie night


NPMartin said...

Mannn. After seeing your background, I had the feeling everyone had a grudge against the panther or something! XD It was a pretty awesome background concept!

Aww, I missed the movie last night... Had to go catch on sleep. :(

karumen-chan said...

lol nah I was inspired by the samples that apollo shown during the class XD
I thought I want to make it funny =P

oh man your pan bg is too intense XD thank goodness it's not actually due yet since we're only inking the pink panther XD

I only go to Friday movie night depending on what films they are time I'll text you to join me =P