Saturday, February 19, 2011


From my sketchbook ^^

signed and doodle by Teddy Newton, designer for Day & Night :)
during Ottawa International Animation Festival 2010

This is after the Disney's presentation making of Day & Night at IMAX theatre
It was very inspiring ~ the way he come up an idea just by scribbles

if you want to go to OIAF 2011, I would recommend go watch featured films and
NEVER watch short competition films. The contents are so horrible that even we can do
better films than them.....some are okay especially short films from Japan
I watched the Illusionist for the first time was awesome! The seats at the theater were full instantly

Met Jamie Metzger and her fourth-year friends
and Omar Al-Hafidh at Sheridan college booth giving away free caricatures =D


NPMartin said...

Aw cripes!! That event sounds so much fun.
I want to consider going there this year... Once I figure out how to reach it. D:

karumen-chan said...

lol I'm not sure about this year too :/

cause last year, me, larissa, josh and leanne (from group D) went there by having larissa's parents drove us after class and since Josh's hometown at Ottawa we get free stay at his house =D

it was a long ride though D:

Victoria C. said...

Aw I want an autograph!!!!!!! your so lucky I really like this animation!

karumen-chan said...

it is awesome though it might be the last time we'll see 2D animation from disney :(

when someone ask if they would continue with 2D and he replied it took long and effort to do so maybe not....D: