Saturday, October 4, 2008

insert - F A T -here

Oh gosh the weather is killing me! >.<
I have to eat more and hibernate like a bear !! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I'm afraid to take a shower and go to the toilet and can you imagine going out too?
I'm afraid of cycling in cold weather especially the wind blow to your face! >.<

I have unit test for tech design course and I did not do well because I study but I did not memorize..sigh* nvm I will do better next time however my prototype guitar foot rest has ended up in the display cabinet where everyone can see and admire my project *ceh ceh* My next project is building a model of small condo floor plan next week =)

As I had a bad mood that day (see the last journal) but now I'm okay. I'm not playing for the field hockey game anymore because I've handed late forms and stuff. I'm still in the team but it's just that I can't play. It's sad of course but after that I'm okay. I felt that there's a reason or plan which God put it this way. If I'm in the team, I will not join Youth Alive Bayview (like Christian Fellowship!). I've met a lot of new friends and many Christians join this club where we have worship, fellowship, prayer and food! I will definitely coming for next week! My art project is doing weird blending creature's sculpture next week too =)

I must get rid of my habit procrastination because unlike homework in Malaysia here in Canada the homework do worth few marks..I've been lacking lots of marks for this part (doing homework!)

I was practicing using Sai painter

[Ps: I need to get some income ~ anyone interested to commish me (draw for you) please leave me a note]

Till then,