Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is the first time..

It happen on last Wednesday...

As I enter for my 2nd period Tech Design class, I sit down at my usual place in front of teacher's desk. As usual I'm the earliest person who reach to this class (as my 1st period class is just next door). I place my bag to the front of the class to avoid any mischief or thief.

My teacher waited for all the students to come in and after that suddenly he shouted, "WTF IS THIS!" showing the knife without the cap on it. Everyone stare at the knife and kept quiet. He started telling us some 'F' up did not keep it properly yesterday and he was sure it was from our class because he found out later after we left the class. Everyone kept silence for a very long time. No one admit the wrong doing. It turned out to be chaos and he does not allow us to do our small condo project that day. Everyone get pissed off. He made us to write down safety precautions no #1 onwards...and answer 'why do we lack of discpline, respect and responsibilty to proper function here?'. He actually mark them. So I ended up doodling my friend's sketchbook.

This is the first time in my entire life that teacher shouted the 'F' word in front of the class..and I don't see Mr Wong say that too during math class..haha XD