Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Life Right Now..oOooOoo

Alright guys and here is my might-be-long updates and stuff!

Pretty much hectic for everyday and even weekends! *eyes rolling*

Right now I'm taking this extra virtual schooling (online course) which is Grade 12- Philosophy: Questions and Theories and yes we are talking about lots of reading and essays! Basically I have no choice but to pick the course because I kinda registered one month late! oh gosh I have to catch up and everything. But the beauty of it that I can excess to this anytime and even at home as long if I have computer all the time. However things beginning to be stressful for me due to lack of sleep (I mean a lot!) sigh....I need more time and the mid-term exam is Nov 17 and hopefully I can make it. What about my other courses? Well they are fine for now. I'm doing good in other subjects.

Currently I am now volunteering in Varley Art Gallery to help out the instructor or even teach little kids in this sculpture & design class. This is one of the requirement in order for me to graduate which is 40 hours of community service (but I only need 10 because I'm in Grade 12) but they said the more the better chance to enter university and besides it is equivalent to work experience (I can put that in my resume!). I usually volunteer at 12.30p.m. till 3.30p.m. Well I volunteer with my friend (at least I have a car transport from her mum).

Varley Art Gallery had a Halloween party today (well not really a party). As usual I won't miss a chance by not volunteering (4 hours man!). The kids are a lot more younger this time and my class is about helping them making plasticine's Halloween candy dish. Me and the other volunteers help out cutting the colour plasticines. Basically the volunteer hours is at 12.30p.m. till 4p.m. We had hot chocolate, face painting and candies! (sorry no pictures for this ~ I didn't bring my camera!) and the kids are cute! =D

I might be going for trick-o-treat this Friday (Oct 31st), dressing up as I haven't think of it yet and my sisters will going to do make-up for me. We will be going as a group and gonna walk aroung the neighbourhood for candies =P....hope I'm not too old for that! >.<


Canada should have more holidays! Sigh....I miss Malaysia's holidays..
Happy Devali Holidays to Malaysia =P
Enjoy! =D

and bookmarks for sale!

Till then,

[P.S: It's not that long update =P]